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With a team of learning experts who’ll work with you to understand your goals, and a network of global suppliers on hand to support, we’ll help you maximise your learning ROI.

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Our origins

When we worked in-house, we were often left frustrated by how limited our access was to the best learning talent. Freelancers were available, but getting them through corporate red tape was painful.

That meant we had to keep using the same people for projects over and over again. We couldn’t innovate by adding new ideas and talent to our L&D functions.

We were tired of stagnation. We made it our mission to improve the access L&D has to the freelance market. And so Jam Pan was born.

The evolution


As we delivered more projects for our clients our reputation started to grow in the industry. We started to get more requests to deliver bigger, more complex projects. So, naturally we made the transition from being a L&D talent marketplace to a full-service learning partner. Bringing onboard an internal team of learning experts including our own technology services team who have years of experience working with LMS and LXP platforms to deliver large-scale transformation projects.

That’s where we are today. Delivering end-to-end project support to help make L&D work for any business, with any budget.

Meet the team that bring your projects to life


David Wood

Helen Simpson
Head of
Growth & Sales

Kirsty Wilson
Head of Client
Services & Talent

Tom Pape
Head of Learner
Experience & Technology

Casson McRae
Digital Solutions

Gemma Rupniak
Technology Operations

Rachel Loftus
Client Solutions Manager

Dawn Diamond
Talent Partner

Jade Williams

Ruby Boylan
Client Services

Louise Richardson

Hazel Tetchner
Digital Learning
Services Specialist

Amii Buckland
Digital Learning
Services Administrator

Adam Swift
Senior Marketing

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