How our Degreed Service Desk Team is assisting digital transformation

How our Degreed Service Desk Team is assisting digital transformation

The implementation of a new learning platform is a huge task for any organisation, not least one with over 200,000 employees worldwide. Our client, a multinational financial services organisation, had recently acquired the learning experience platform (LXP) Degreed – an upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities. And with a go-live date in three months, they didn’t just need support migrating their content over from Sharepoint. They needed a team of experts to re-evaluate all this content, re-brand it and ensure it was fit-for-purpose.


So Jam Pan stepped in with our fantastic freelancers in tow. We proposed a Degreed Service Desk Team to support this rollout and assist the internal L&D team of this multinational financial services organisation. The team of freelancers, headed up by our Digital Platform Manager, had almost 5 decades of experience under their belts and were experts in Degreed. This meant that our client was safe in the knowledge that the implementation of Degreed would lead to a true digital transformation of their learning offering and allow them to focus on what matters most.


The impact our Degreed Service Desk Team brought for our client…

  • The migration of all the clients’ content from SharePoint to Degreed in an effective and efficient manner
  • The building of over 300 pathways and plans within Degreed
  • The translation of these pathways into 7 different languages
  • Ensured consistency across all learning teams – with high levels of quality assurance as standard
  • A streamlined, simplified creation process of content within the LXP


“The Jam Pan team has enabled us to meet emerging requirements in an agile way. This has created flexibility as well as efficiency in how we respond to internal client needs. Through Jam Pan’s existing pool of talent we are able to work with great people who have the right combination of skills and experience [that we need].”


Find Out More

Want to learn more about how we helped assist our clients’ digital transformation? Download the full case study below and discover how our Degreed Service Desk team can help your organisation deliver its digital learning strategy with ease.

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