Streamlining Procurement and Matching Great Partners for Better Retail Compliance Training

Streamlining Procurement and Matching Great Partners for Better Retail Compliance Training

How a major retailer simplified procurement and created an innovative game with Jam Pan – through a supplier who wasn’t your typical compliance elearning vendor…in a good way.

Our client is one of the UK’s largest digital retailers, delivering 49 million products to four million customers each year.

The Challenge: Make Compliance Mobile and More Engaging

Like many companies, our client was looking to overhaul their approach to compliance training. Their current modules were too long, and not designed for mobile devices. As a result, colleagues found the modules difficult to make time to complete.

They wanted to find a partner who could raise the bar and deliver something better. However, their procurement process meant the company could use a maximum of five suppliers a year. So there was a risk that more innovative suppliers might not be on their radar.

The Solution: Tap into Fresh Talent with Jam Pan

In order to find some new ideas for its compliance training, the client organised a vendor showcase, bringing in new suppliers to demonstrate their creative approach. The brief asked for a new way to deliver an anti-bribery training module.

Jam Pan attended the showcase, sharing how it identifies and manages new suppliers. The client asked Jam Pan to also manage the procurement process and to identify the various options available to them with a brief to take a different approach to compliance training.

This meant the client could widen their supplier list, as Jam Pan could identify and manage multiple suppliers rather than relying on just five a year.

The Approach: Find the Best Partner, Streamline Procurement, Start Faster

With more than 1,000 freelancers and agencies covering a wide range of skills, Jam Pan was able to shortlist and introduce the client to suppliers both inside and outside of the traditional elearning market matching the brief.

Jam Pan recommended a number of suppliers that suggested a variety of options ranging from board games to digital solutions. Jam Pan quality assured all suppliers so the final shortlist was of the highest quality. The client explored two of these options and chose Mosquito Digital, a digital agency based in Manchester in the UK.

This is often where projects stall, taking time to add new vendors via procurement. But our client didn’t have that kind of time. In order to speed up the process and simplify things, Jam Pan managed the supplier relationship with Mosquito Digital, with contracting and payment through Jam Pan. This meant our client could dramatically reduce the time to onboard the agency and get started on the project.

Compliance: Game on, Show what you know….

Mosquito’s approach focused on delivering a highly engaging experience inspired by its marketing work with other clients. “Mosquito works with many global brands and through this work we understand what engages consumers at a human, rather than corporate, level. The aim is to come up with games which are genuinely fun and inspiring so that you want to play it again and again,” says Anthony Creative Director

The agency created simple ’lockout’ game that was easy to use on the go and brought a game experience which enabled learners to work at their own pace, offering rewards for demonstrating prior knowledge.The game experience is shaped by the answers users provide rather than than being forced to navigate through content they already understand.

Along with the game, Mosquito provided the client with a content management system which enables the retailer to easily edit and update content and create new courses. Mosquito also provided training in how to use the system. The game’s content management system also integrates with the client’s Learning Management System, providing the appropriate reports required in compliance training.


Fresh Approach, Engaging Solution

Mosquito delivered something different for the client. And it’s worked. In the first week, 450 employees played the game and it scored a 95% satisfaction rating.

“We have been delighted with this innovative, mobile-first approach to compliance training. It enables our employees to show what they know first, then learn what they need to know and get on with the day job. What’s more we now have the ability to create more modules using the system, which is very valuable to us.” – Client quote.

Streamlined Procurement, More Supplier Opportunities

Through Jam Pan’s market reach and knowledge, the client were able to partner with and quickly find an innovative vendor from outside their current list, without investing extensively in a lengthy market search project, and onboard them quickly via Jam Pan.
It also helped Mosquito further develop their digital learning profile and get matched with a great client through Jam Pan – helping them grow their business with less sales and marketing effort. Jam Pam managed the relationship for the initial project, helping to onboard Mosquito Digital and ensure that working with a new supplier was straightforward and supported for the client. The relationship has continued into additional projects.

Jam Pan founder David Wood says. “We are delighted we were able to provide our client with a strong shortlist of suppliers to choose from. Added to that we have also been able to manage the relationship between client and supplier to make it a smooth process.”

Need a fresh take on compliance?

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