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Curation made simple

Having a strong curation strategy is key to any successful learning function that needs focus and resource to get right. You might already use off-the-shelf content that needs organising into bespoke pathways for your learners or maybe you need to find the best open-source resources online.

We’ve got a team of learning experts who curate quality learning content for multi-national organisations ready to take the heavy lifting off your team.

Quality, trusted content

When it comes to learning content, there’s thousands of quality resources out there without the need for you to create bespoke content. Knowing which ones to use and how to curate them into simple pathways for your learners is where the difficulty lies.

That’s where we can help. Ensuring you’ve got quality and well-planned learning material, so you know your learners are only consuming content from quality and trusted sources.

Saving you time and resources

Moving to a curation first strategy will not only save you time and allow you to produce content at a quicker rate. It will also free up your budget and team resources to focus on other initiatives even more so if you utilise our curation experts here at Jam Pan. We’ll work with you to create a curation strategy that solves your challenges.

Quality curation in 4 simple steps

We'll spend time getting to know the business, the challenges and learners needs.
We present back our strategy connecting your aims with curated content.
We present the project and proposed designs for the learner journey based on your feedback.
Sign off and launch to a pilot group or intended audience whilst gaining insights for future improvements.


Want to start explore how a curation strategy could save your team time and resource? We’ve got a team of learning experts who curate quality content for global organisations. We would love to help you too!

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