Degreed Service Desk Case Study

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Assisting digital transformation in multinational, financial organisation.

We’ve hit a pivotal moment in the future of business. Dubbed ‘Industry 4.0‘, we are now experiencing the true digital revolution of the working world. And with that, our people need new skills to embrace the future of the workplace. The learning experience platform (LXP) Degreed, is designed to help organisations overcome this challenge. It’s an upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities, that enables organisations to scale their learning, mobilise workforces and acquire the skills they need for the future. So it’s no surprise it was the top-choice for our client.

Until now, our client had used SharePoint to communicate with learners and share learning content. As such, SharePoint was home to tonnes of valuable learning content – which needed to be migrated to Degreed. But this migration was more than a ‘lift and shift’. Instead, our client saw this as the perfect opportunity to assess, review and rebrand their content. (A great decision, if you ask us!) But with a launch date looming for their Degreed LXP – they were short on the man-power to make this happen.

We needed to migrate our learning proposition from a legacy SharePoint site to a new LXP.
Our internal teams needed the extra capacity and capability to get this done in time for the launch of the new LXP.

Hitting the ground running

Creating a team of Degreed experts to get the job done.

So we stepped in, with our fantastic freelancers in tow. We proposed a Service Desk Team to assist the internal L&D team of this multinational financial services organisation. This team would support the rollout of the LXP across 80 countries, driving user engagement and skills-based learning. Headed up by our very own Gemma Rupniak, our Digital Platform Manager, we hand-picked a team of freelancers that were not only learning professionals – but also Degreed experts.

The project team

  1. Digital Platform Manager (Our very own Gemma Rupniak!)
    Thinker & Doer

  2. Degreed Specialists
  3. Degreed Curators and Administrators


Thinkers vs. Doers…

All the best implementation teams need a great mix of thinkers and doers. People who can support the strategic vision of the LXP implementation – and get it done!

Thinkers support the strategy side of the implementation, they think about the bigger picture and conceptualise plans and pathways for learners. Plus, they support the client’s internal L&D team with training and guidance on how to use Degreed – creating a self-sufficient team.

Doers help to implement Degreed and migrate content from legacy systems. They will build plans, pathways and resources in the LXP – making sure it’s ready-to-go for launch day.


A real focus on the bigger picture

While we did the heavy lifting…


The implementation of a new learning platform is a huge task for any organisation, not least one that has over 200,000 employees worldwide. So we knew our client needed consistent, reliable information and data about our progress – as we worked towards the crucial go-live date. As the Digital Platform Manager, Gemma was the first point of contact for our client, which meant she was responsible for ensuring:

  • Service desk tickets were assigned to the appropriate member of the project team
  • Service level agreements were always abided by throughout the project
  • Governance was adhered to, including ensuring request from different teams were created with a consistent look and feel
  • Management information was sent to the client in a consistent and timely manner

“By redefining the typical service desk, our upskilled teams seamlessly support our client’s organisation, enabling them to regain focus on the bigger picture while we do the heavy lifting.”
Gemma Rupniak, Digital Platform Manager, Jam Pan

How does the Degreed Service Desk work?

Step 1

Client sends email to The Service Desk to create a support ticket. We’re on hand to help with any needs our client may have. This could include a question about using Degreed, or a request for a piece of work that needs undertaking.

Step 2

Gemma reviews the request and assigns it to a member of the team to implement a solution within the given service level agreement.

Step 3

Client gets a same-day response to the client with details about how the matter will be resolved.

Truly transforming learning, once and for all.

When acquiring a new LXP, it’s often tempting for organisations to cram it full of content they’ve accumulated over the years. But in doing that they’re not transforming learning – instead, they’re just giving existing resources a shiny new home. Our client knew that to make an impact they needed to

re-evaluate all their content, and ensure it was fit-for-purpose.

The Service Desk Team has almost five decades combined experience in digital learning. So it’s safe to say they know what works – and what doesn’t. As part of our offering, the service desk team:

  • Reviewed existing content – checking it for accuracy, relevance and branding
  • Built new content where needed, based on the client’s needs
  • Developed plans and pathways within Degreed to ensure best-in-class learner experience
  • Created groups and skills and mapped them within the LXP

By providing this level of service and learning expertise to our client, they were safe in the knowledge that their implementation of Degreed would lead to a true digital transformation of their learning offering.

And our commitment to our client’s digital transformation didn’t stop there. We wanted to ensure that all content that went into Degreed met these high standards. So, we are continually evaluating all the content created by subject matter experts (SMEs) before it goes out to learners. Ensuring that all content within Degreed is consistent and meets our client’s design standards.

A learning journey of their own…

The Service Desk Team acted as an extension of our clients internal L&D team. But here at Jam Pan, we strive to empower our clients to become self-sufficient where possible. So this meant our Service Desk team took the L&D team on a little learning journey of their own.

Our Degreed experts provided support and coaching to upskill the L&D team on how to use the learning platform. This ensured that the internal team knew how to create engaging, beautiful learning from within the LXP, and how to ensure they were providing the best experience for their users.

Pivot and adapt

Taking new challenges in our stride…

At Jam Pan, we have thousands of super-talented learning freelancers that work with us. Which means when we come up against a new request – the chances are, we know someone who can get the job done ASAP. Throughout this project, a new need arose. The client has 7 core languages, all of which needed to be catered for. We sourced specialised curation experts in these languages to create learning pathways – whilst also translating the content.

A huge time-saving win for all involved!


The impact

More time for the client to focus on what matters most

This project was initially a three month contract, supporting the migration to and implementation of Degreed. But after a super successful three months, we are now working with this client on a full-time basis – which has continued long past their August launch date.

Within our initial three month contract, we helped our client:

  • Build over 300 pathways and plans within Degreed (and translate them into 7 different languages!)
  • Migrated all content from SharePoint to Degreed in an effective and efficient way
  • Streamline and simplify the creation process of content within the LXP
  • Ensure consistency across all learning teams – with high levels of quality assurance as standard


So, without blowing our own trumpet – it’s clear to see why they chose to extend their contract with us!

“The Jam Pan team has enabled us to meet emerging requirements in an agile way. This has created flexibility as well as efficiency in how we respond to internal client needs. Through Jam Pan’s existing pool of talent we are able to work with great people who have the right combination of skills and experience [that we need].”

A very happy client!

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