Jam Pan’s New, Improved Platform is Now Live

Jam Pan’s New, Improved Platform is Now Live

The latest phase of the Jam Pan platform is now live, and so we wanted to talk a little about what we’ve been working on with the platform over the past year, and some of the innovative improvements you can now discover by logging on. In the five years of its existence, Jam Pan has grown and developed continually, developing new and ever-evolving means of connecting clients and suppliers: digital learning talent with opportunities and the right project collaborations.

Within Learning & Development as a whole, the talent economy has matured quickly in recent years, and this has led to widescale changes in outsourcing and the procurement model. If we take the LPI capability map as a starting point, it is increasingly apparent that most teams will never have full time staff members who are specialised in every area covered by this map – that is simply not realistic for all but the largest workforces.

Buoyed by this knowledge, as well as the continually positive industry response to our ways of doing things, we have been confidently committed to the further development of our platform to meet both client and supplier preferences: refining the sign-up process, providing instant matching and improving search functionality. Over many months, the platform has been coded to the highest standard by several developers – as you would expect from us, all top experts in their fields. First and foremost, we’ve taken suggestions on board from both clients and suppliers: requests from previous iterations of the platform have been combined with feedback analysis as a vital building block when creating the most recent version.

Here’s an overall summary of the primary facets of the new platform:



  • We have removed job boards from the site. Jam Pan clients have expressed that they prefer to use the instant match feature, allowing them to search easily and view potential supplier profiles.
  • Clients can initiate direct contact via a project brief. The platform then facilitates communication, discussion and a full project briefing.
  • Improved supplier profiles and search functions, to facilitate swift quality and skill checking
  • Simple quote requests, via the platform
  • A cost-neutral process for clients (Jam Pan takes an 18 percent fee from the supplier upon payment, and our clients do not pay for supplier matching)
  • Suppliers and clients create a statement of work (SoW) through the platform for each project. This includes vital information such as project timelines, deliverables, payment milestones etc. Where possible, the platform will pull through sections from the project brief to minimize duplication.
  • Jam Pan Enterprise – we also have a ‘managed services’ option, which is essentially a more hands-on service.

We’ll be talking about the different aspects of the platform in stand-alone blog posts and ‘How To’ videos over the coming weeks, so please do keep checking back for more detailed information. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the platform, please contact us at

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