Foundations of Learning

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Giving you insight into what L&D really means

Learning and Development (L&D) very much focuses on everything an organisation does to facilitate professional development for its people.

This can include face-to-face and online training courses, helpful how-to videos and even podcasts come under the L&D umbrella.

Within L&D there is a wide range of roles and technology that make it all possible, but understanding all of these can be incredibly puzzling.

This course is designed to give you an effective streamlined introduction to learning to ensure you have the necessary foundation to work alongside an L&D team.

Getting to grips with the Learning & Development Industry can be difficult with so many different technologies being talked about and the different acronyms associated to it all. This course is set out to provide just enough information to feel comfortable with working in L&D.

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What to expect…

Step 1: Get sent course material

The course will be delivered through a series of emails, each covering a different topic.

Step 2: See L&D in action

This course is set out as a self-paced learning experience to ensure you can take in the information being covered at your own pace.

Step 3: Receive your certificate!

Once you’ve finished, we’ll provide you with your very own certificate to certify you’ve completed the course!


What’s covered?

We’ll cover three main topics to help you on the path within L&D, including:

  1. What is digital learning? Specifically eLearning.
  2. What an L&D department does and what roles are within it.
  3. Additional areas and questions to ask when involved in a digital learning project.

Have any questions about this course? Looking for further advice on making the move into freelancing? Get in touch below we’d love to help.

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