Your Portfolio and Portfolio Projects

Your Portfolio and Portfolio Projects

The purpose of the portfolio section is to demonstrate your ability and talent in the skills that you have added. You can do this by adding portfolio projects to your Jam Pan Portfolio and indicating which skills it demonstrates.

What is a Portfolio project?
Portfolio projects are comprised of the following:

  • Project title – give your portfolio project a title
  • About the project – this is your opportunity to explain what the project was and how you have used your skills
  • Project URL (if applicable) – this allows you to link to websites with examples of the project work
  • File upload – you can upload JPG, PNG and PDF documents to help demonstrate the project work and your talents
  • Skills used on project – tell us which of your skills this portfolio project demonstrates

Why is this important?
Your portfolio projects play a crucial role in Instant Match. You must have a portfolio project for a skill in order for your profile to show in search results for that skill. Simply put, if you don’t have a portfolio project for the skill, for example Graphic Designer, nobody will see your profile when they search for Graphic Designer.

A portfolio project might be a large project that demonstrates multiple skills or a smaller project or piece of work that specifically demonstrates one skill. The better you can demonstrate your ability and talent, the more likely a Jam Pan client will want to get you involved in their project.

What can I use for my portfolio?
The aim of the project portfolio is demonstrate your skills and talent to a client. Many suppliers use this by using examples of work that they have completed for clients in the past. You can include examples of projects done through Jam Pan or work completed for other clients.

You can use links to exhibit your work, for example a link for an elearning course you’ve developed, an animation you’ve created or an article you’ve written. Uploading PDFs or images is another great way to showcase your work. You can upload a PDF document of the storyboard for an animation; screenshots of one of your webinars in action; or images of a logo redesign. Make sure you add a description with some detail about the project to entice a client to click the link or view your files.

Your portfolio projects don’t have to be based on client projects. If you’re new to a skill, create some examples of you using your skills and use those to show clients your ability.


Why not log in and see if your Jam Pan portfolio could benefit from some attention? If you need any help, email us at We’d be happy to offer some guidance.

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