Learner experience,
& transformation

Learning – done right.

At Jam Pan we make it our business to help organisations do learning well. We are passionate about learner experience, learning technologies and content. But most of all, we want to ensure your organisation is set for success when going through learning transformations.


Since our inception in 2014, we have helped lots of organisations with transforming and modernising their L&D initiatives. Supporting organisations throughout the entirety of a learning transformation project is our forte.

We’ll help you from initial discovery and requirements mapping, to creating and managing the RFP, to vendor selections, recommendations for implementation and beyond (in certain cases we can even do the implementation for you.) So if you’re looking for a partner that will support you every step of the way, you’re in the right place.

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Engagement, Adoption and Optimisation

Any new learning strategy requires a plan for launch, engagement and adoption, with a further roadmap for optimisation. Whether this includes learning technologies, new content or learning initiatives, we are here to support you through the process. We can provide support with these elements, plus additional services to optimise user experience across your learning platform, APIs and more.

Learning Platform Service Desks

You want to get the most from you learning platform, but sometimes administration and associated tasks can be time consuming for L&D teams. And that’s why we have a team of in-house learning tech experts to help you with the day-to-day management of your platform. From configuring functionality and creating learning pathways, to curating content and sending out marketing emails. We have a number of packages and approaches and will tailor to your needs.

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Getting the right skills in your L&D team  

L&D teams have endured a lot in the past few years. But despite the unprecedented changes in the world around us, many organisations haven’t changed their approach to learning and development. We’re using old approaches to solve modern problems, and it’s not hitting the mark. 

But the solution is clear: modern L&D teams need modern skills. And you might be surprised about the skills you already have at your disposal. Here at Jam Pan, we can help you realise the full potential of your team – and highlight any gaps that need filling. Enabling you to provide modern learning solutions, once and for all.