Jam Pan Consolidates Its Position As A Potential Market Leader on Fosway’s Annual 9-Grid Digital Learning Report

Jam Pan Consolidates Its Position As A Potential Market Leader on Fosway’s Annual 9-Grid Digital Learning Report

After a particularly busy year, we were thrilled to learn that following our inclusion for the first time in January 2018, we have maintained and consolidated our presence on the Fosway 9-GridTM for 2019.


Fosway Group is Europe’s No 1 independent HR industry analyst and its 9-GridTM is a five-dimensional market analysis model for UK and European buyers of HR, Talent and Learning services, based upon the ‘Potential’, ‘Performance’, ‘Presence’, ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ and ‘Future Trajectory’ of suppliers. We see continued inclusion on this authoritative grid as both as a reflection of the rapid and sustained growth we have enjoyed at Jam Pan since we began as an ‘industry disruptor’ in 2014, and as testimony to the continued hard work of our committed team.


A key difference of the 9-GridTM to other similar models is that all nine zones have value, meaning that digital learning solutions in the top-right zone are not necessarily the best for everyone. Indeed, Jam Pan’s positioning, top-left, as a ‘Potential Leader’ is, we feel, fully reflective of the fact that we are a young and developing company offering clients fresh and more cost-efficient ways to resource digital learning services. And sometimes, with innovation, it can often take time for organisations – including even us – to attune fully to new ways of doing things. Which is why we see our position on the 9-GridTM: as a true indicator of where we currently stand within the digital learning marketplace, and as something that at this stage in our trajectory, we feel we can build upon.

Jam Pan was originally born out of founder, David Wood’s experiences working within L&D for different corporates, where he often found striking the balance between maintaining in-house skills and the need to outsource, more challenging than it needed to be. Believing that there had to be a better way and inspired by the dynamism of online marketplaces, he conceived Jam Pan as a more fluid means of connecting digital marketing talent with opportunities, and to help businesses and agencies plug short-term gaps and more effectively manage the ebbs and flows of their demand.


Since then, our profile has grown exponentially, and in 2018 the internal team at Jam Pan expanded significantly and our turnover more than doubled: which is why it’s especially gratifying that this progress continues to be noted by Fosway.


Of course, success can bring further challenges, but we feel more ready than ever to meet these head-on in 2019. Indeed, we’re excited to have been able to begin the year with a new skills-matching platform aligned to the Learning & Performance Institute’s (LPI) recently refreshed ‘Capability Map’ framework. And we’re looking forward to offering continued support to our amazing clients as part of our journey towards the full realisation of Jam Pan’s potential as a future e-learning market leader.


In the meantime, want to find out more about our innovative and economic approaches to matching organisations with quality freelance professionals, and how we can transform your digital learning?


Then, come and pay us at visit on Stand E60 at Learning Technologies 2019. We’d love to meet you!

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