The Learning Awards: Our Head Of Talent Is Shortlisted for Covid Champion

The Learning Awards: Our Head Of Talent Is Shortlisted for Covid Champion

It’s a new year and with that comes a new award season. Compared to previous years and the wonderful black tie events these usually bring, this year is, understandably, rather different. No live events mean we’re donning our ballgowns at home, supping fizz by the fire and watching ceremonies straight from our sofa. But that doesn’t mean that the awards being awarded are any less meaningful, especially when awarding bodies like The Learning Awards create new awards specially for these unprecedented times we’re having.


New Learning Awards hit our screens

Now, we love The Learning Awards. Headed up by the wonderful team at The Learning and Performance Institute, they’re a testament to the continued devotion of our industry to progression, innovation and improvement.


Normally awards in the learning technologies industry are (unsurprisingly) focused on technology and content interventions and how these have had an impact within an organisation. At their core is the search for a positive effect on human behaviour and sentiment: the changing of behaviours, the improvement in performance or even ground-breaking implementations which completely change the shape of how learning is delivered. But with Covid hitting our worlds last year, many of us were left alone, isolated and struggling for human contact – so the Learning Awards team developed a new award category: The Covid Champion.


The Learning Awards’ Covid Champion

Brand new for the 2021 awards, the Covid Champion award is presented to someone who has shown great strength and a deep passion for helping others during the COVID-19 crisis. Created to honour and pay tribute to those who stood up to the mark in a time of trouble, this award is committed to recognising those who made a real impact within the community in terms of support through the pandemic.


And we’re absolutely delighted that our Head of Talent, the wonderful John Hinchliffe, has been shortlisted as a finalist for this category.




Supporting a global Learning & Development community 

John’s always been a selfless support of the learning and development community; as the original creator of #onetipwednesday on LinkedIn, John has actively encouraged the sharing of ideas and welcomed the collective power of community for several years now. But when Covid-19 catapulted our lives into unknown territories, John quickly stepped up to be present for reams of people who were made redundant, working alone or even just seeking some friendly faces on the regular. So he set up GLDC: The Global Learning and Development Community.


Starting small with weekly Friday meetups, John’s incredible network has grown organically to now over 800 individual attendees across every continent except Antarctica. He’s still running his weekly sessions, has a 350 person strong Slack group and has plans to expand the community further in 2021 to widen the community and the support he can offer.


Supporting the kindness and selflessness of others

So why are we telling you all this? Well, being a shortlisted finalist is fantastic, but we’re being honest when we say we want John to win. He deserves to win. The man is so kind that he even ran a session on Christmas day to ensure no one spent it alone. He’s generous with his time and will help anyone in need without any expectation of reciprocation. He’s been an incredible asset to our team since he joined us last year, and we’d love for him to get recognised for his contribution to our industry.


Vote for John to be your Covid Champion. Because he’s our hero and frankly, is helping to save our solo workers one individual at a time. But don’t wait, because voting is only open to the public for 1 week.

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