Jam Pan named as Strategic Challenger for the second year in a row

Jam Pan named as Strategic Challenger for the second year in a row

In the digital learning space, there are two types of vendors: those that are trying to find their place in a rapidly changing landscape. And those who have their eyes firmly set on the future, creating a space where L&D can be truly recognised as a strategic asset to business. Here at Jam Pan, we are proud to sit in the second camp. And our inclusion on the Fosway 9-Grid™ as a ‘Strategic Challenger’ for the second year in a row is proof of our dedication to this cause.

The Fosway Group 9-Grid™ is a multi-dimensional model that compares digital learning solutions based on their performance and future potential. Being a Strategic Challenger shows that Jam Pan can service even the most complex modern learning needs. A role which is becoming all the more important in the L&D space as we recover from a turbulent few years.


The evolution of the workplace

The truth is, the working world is in a transitional period – even as we see glimmers of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Once-daily huddles are now a thing of the past. One-on-one meetings, impromptu gatherings and stand-ups have been replaced by digital communication. With that, employees’ expectations have changed. The Great Resignation has had a significant impact on the workplace. Industry 4.0 and the reskilling revolution is on the horizon. And now, more than ever before, organisations look to L&D to help them overcome these challenges by engaging and educating their people more effectively.


But what does this really mean?

In recent years we’ve witnessed an influx of new skills needed from L&D professionals. Skills, such as content curation, copywriting and marketing, are becoming as important as the traditional technical skills we’ve come to expect. So to create engaging, innovative learning, L&D leaders are looking for a whole host of skills that aren’t typically in the learning practitioners arsenal. And although this may cause some leaders to panic, there’s no need. There are a whole host of ways to get new, niche skills into your teams, including:


1. Utilising freelancers for specialist tasks

As we know, traditional L&D practitioners may not be able to offer the skills needed to cater for this new approach to learning. So you might not have them in your existing team. Which is where freelancers step in. They are experts in their field, have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t, and can turn their hand to a multitude of learning challenges with little onboarding. (Plus, freelancers can help your internal team upskill on-the-job – providing you a cost-effective route to developing new, expert skills in your team!)


2. Ditching the traditional learning agency

Once upon a time, L&D simply took orders from the rest of the business. A training request would come through and it would be created – no questions asked. But in the modern learning landscape, that has changed.

L&D are a strategic function of organisations. They’re asking more questions. And they’re leveraging a wide range of digital technologies. They’re on a mission to create learning content that really works. And that has meant ditching standalone eLearning courses or training days. It means looking at the bigger picture. It means thinking about the entire learning experience, right from logging into your platform through to skills mastery.

The truth is, many traditional agencies don’t have that mindset. So one way to get this ‘bigger picture’ thinking into your L&D function is by working with a modern agency that will leverage a multitude of experts to deliver your learning content. (Hey, maybe that company who has been recently announced ‘strategic challenger’ for the second year might help? Wink, wink!)


3. Taking advantage of content curation

Perceptions of content curation have changed drastically over the last few years. Organisations no longer demand everything is bespoke to their organisation. Instead, they’ve opened their eyes to leveraging the wealth of knowledge that’s available at their fingertips – and have started integrating it in their L&D strategies. However, there is a real skill to getting content curation right. Expert content curators take a tonne of knowledge and information, make sure it’s correct, and implement it into your learning journey in a fluid way. This is a skill that many in-house practitioners do not have. Which is why working with an expert partner to complete this task will always lead to the best results.


The future of digital learning & Jam Pan

Here at Jam Pan, we’ve always been proud to push the boundaries of the digital learning industry. And Fosway naming us as a Strategic Challenger for the second year is testament to our commitment to this cause. Over the coming months, there will be a lot of changes here at Jam Pan, as we work to push this industry to new heights – so keep your eyes peeled! But in the meantime, if you want to work with an organisation that will truly help you create learning (that actually works) get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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