Powering digital learning transformation

Powering digital learning transformation


We were brought into the project at the pre-implementation stage by Cornerstone on Demand to assist their client with a full review of the current learning technology and content ecosystem, and to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Cornerstone and EdCast.

The client currently has no single front door for learning and have several LMS, LXP, content providers and individual SharePoint sites. Learning teams are siloed across their individual business areas and learning activity is not strategically aligned as there is no easy way to reach all employees with content.

There is also a challenge around managing skills and development. A lack of visibility of skills means limited career paths or growth opportunities. This is often cited by employees as their reason for leaving.

As each area is managing their own learning it means there is a gap in knowing what content already exists and which areas require further investment. There are multiple different platforms and content contracts which are sometimes duplicated across areas, and this results in various outgoing costs and inefficiencies.


Initially, we embedded one of our learning experts into the business to conduct a full review of the current learning eco-system, including technology and content providers. Our aim was to understand the learning strategy, and the desired learner experience so we could produce a detailed set of recommendations for learning transformation.

From our review, the recommendations provided were set out into various categories:

Implementation methodology & proposed rollout timeline
Future proposed ecosystem
Recommendations for each platform migration

Change management & communications
Content Strategy

Platform Governance
Support structure

The final solution will see the client using Cornerstone with Edcast to allow them to put in place a single learning process globally. The process will start with a baseline implementation and will continue with a phased rollout of platform migration across the various business units. This will consist of both functional and technical projects and the aim is for all areas to be migrated by the end of the project. Multiple integrations will be set up to the client’s other business systems to ensure there is a fully integrated HR technology stack across the business.

We will be continuing our relationship with the client to manage the implementation, roll out and migration for their 36,000 users.


  • Consultancy
  • Change Management
  • Discovery
  • Implementation and migration
  • Strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Curation strategy and curation as a service
  • Integrations

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