New Features and Updates to the Jam Pan Platform – What These Mean For Your Supplier Profile

New Features and Updates to the Jam Pan Platform – What These Mean For Your Supplier Profile

Jam Pan has been working away to deliver an enhanced Jam Pan platform full of new features and an improved experience for both our clients and suppliers. The first phase has been focused on:

  • refining the sign-up journey
  • developing the supplier profiles and portfolios to maximise how Jam Pan suppliers can showcase what they can do
  • improving the Instant Match search functionality for Jam Pan clients


Job Posting is No Longer a Feature

We have removed the job posting feature from the site as we have found that Jam Pan clients prefer to use the Instant Match feature – this allows them to search for the skills they need and view the supplier profiles to shortlist suppliers they want to contact with a project brief.

At the moment, the Jam Pan team will be facilitating contact at that stage but by the end of April we should be releasing the next phase of the development which will allow our clients to initiate contact via a project brief. The platform will then facilitate communication so you can discuss, provide a quote and finally agree a Statement of Work which outlines the deliverables, milestones and payment schedule of the agreed project.


Instant Match and Searching

This allows clients to search the Jam Pan marketplace based on what they need for their project – this can be categories/skills, location, day rate etc.

In order for your supplier profile to show up in Instant Match search results, your profile needs to have the minimum following requirements:

  • the skill being searched for
  • a day rate indicator for that skill
  • a Portfolio Project that demonstrates that skill

These minimum requirements will come into full effect as of 1st March 2019. Without them you won’t show in any Instant Match searches.


Supplier Dashboard – Profile Information, Skills and Portfolio

Your Jam Pan dashboard is designed to lead you through the various components of your Jam Pan profile. First up, the profile information section of the dashboard is a major part which gathers the usual information you’d expect to find such as bio, website, languages, preferences and availability.

An important section here is the Master Service Agreement (MSA) for working through Jam Pan – you will need to read and accept these terms before you can proceed with any projects through Jam Pan.

The skills section allows you to add your skills to the profile and set a day rate indicator against each one. We’ve recently revised the skills section to make the instant match search easier but if you do feel that something is missing, let us know.

Another essential component is the portfolio– this is your opportunity to showcase what you can do. Each project has a title, about the project, a supporting URL (optional) and a place to upload additional supporting files. Before you save, be sure to select which skills that project demonstrates to ensure you show in the search results. You can add multiple portfolio projects and can assign multiple skills to a given project.


Accessing Your Account

If you set up your account before 11thFebruary 2019 and have you will need to use the order to access your existing Jam Pan account, you will need to use the forgotten password link and set a new password. Otherwise you can login here.


We’re excited for you to see the changes to the Jam Pan platform so far and we look forward to sharing phase two with you soon. If you have any feedback you’d like to share or have any queries – drop us a line at

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