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The talent you need, whenever you need it.

We know it’s tough running L&D departments right now. Demand for digital learning is growing but budgets are tight  so getting fresh skills into your team feels nigh on impossible. Traditional outsourcing solutions are proving too expensive or time consuming. So, you’re left pulling your hair out wondering what’s the solution?

At Jam Pan we take the headache out of outsourcing. We can pick up any project no matter how large or small and help develop amazing online learning, every time.

With a team of expert learning practitioners, we act as an extension to your team. We work with you and help you with all the fine details. Yep, we mean it, all of them. From project management, through to QA, we’ve got you covered.

Cutting the red tape

When we worked in-house, we were often left frustrated by how limited our access was to the best learning talent. Freelancers were available, but getting them through corporate red tape was painful.

That meant we had to keep using the same people for projects over and over again. We couldn’t innovate by adding new ideas and talent to our L&D functions.

Because we are the ones on your PSL, not our freelancers, it means you get access to our growing pool of diverse learning talent. We’re determined to provide you with freelancers that meet your specific project needs and make it super easy for you to get them onboard and working.

No more jumping through procurement hoops. No more stagnation. Just great learning talent at your fingertips.

A flexible solution

By using our pool of freelance talent allows you to scale your team up or down whenever you need to. Without the associated costs or time of increasing your internal headcount. Need a project manager for a new initiative? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you want to roll out new learning content and could do with some designers? No problem.

We only work with the best L&D talent around and they’ve all been vetted and approved by our talent management team. Within a matter of days you could have new talent, bringing fresh ideas to your learning team.


Got a project you need an extra pair of hands on? We’ve got thousands of talented professionals ready to transform your learning initiatives.

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