Northern Star launches to meet growing demand for Cornerstone support

Northern Star launches to meet growing demand for Cornerstone support

Following from a progressive year at Jam Pan we’re delighted to today announce the public launch of our sister company, Northern Star Assurance, a business designed to continue to meet the rising need for Cornerstone support in large organisations.

Jam Pan’s Match platform has been helping learning departments and organisations connect with on-demand freelancers for several years to great success. Tapping into skilled gig workers across the digital learning sphere such as Experience Designers, Animators, Copywriters and QA, businesses have been able to get access to expertise as and when they need it. Demand for specific Cornerstone platform expertise has continued to rise, leading to the creation of a platform-specific support arm Northern Star Assurance.

Hands-on expertise, Cornerstone support

Many organisations are grappling with the scale and complexity of their learning platforms, often lacking the internal time and expertise to truly make the most of their systems. With admin support and design requests being the primary concern for many, the team at Jam Pan made the decision to build out a dedicated team and associated assurance packages to help.

This led to the inception of Northern Star. With the core of the business focused on a range of service streams including release management, data reviews, admin support and content curation – the specialist, permanent team collaborate closely with Cornerstone clients to help them extend, enhance and make better use of their learning platform, which ultimately helps to create great, ongoing engagement on the platform. Outsourced admin, optimisation and more at your fingertips

Initially supporting client demand through their freelancer network, the team at Jam Pan made the decision to create a team of permanent staff in order to provide the consistency many of their clients need. The team already comprises of five permanent staff including an outsourced admin, Design UX/UI, a Project Manager, an Implementation Specialist and Customer Success Manager and has already been driving measurable impact for some amazing clients.

Speaking of Northern Star David Wood, CEO of Jam Pan, said:

“Meeting the unique, on-demand needs of our clients is something we are deeply passionate about here at Jam Pan. Initially, we endeavoured to fulfil their requirements for Cornerstone support through our freelancer network, however, the demand for consistent learning platform support continued to accelerate.

We’ve been quietly progressing Northern Star for over a year now. As it begins trading on its own, but still comfortably within the Jam Pan Group, I am truly excited to see it continue to grow and support Cornerstone clients.”

Priced on a per-service basis, Northern Star’s range of services will be showcased at the Convergence conference on the 12 – 13th of November at the Tobacco Dock in London. Pop by the stand to find out more about the services available and how they can help you get the most out of your learning platform.

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