Jam Pan partners with Whatfix.

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We’ve partnered with Whatfix to drive digital adoption for our clients

Your organisation has invested millions in technology across the board, from IT to sales, to HR and beyond. Maximising ROI on adoption of these technologies can be complex, and clearly communicating the steps needed in order to complete a task can become cumbersome. Whatfix drives faster time-to-proficiency and higher employee productivity, and are excited to partner with them to simplify the process from implementation to lifelong optimisation.

With our expertise in learner experience, technology adoption and engagement, we will implement and manage the ongoing creation and maintenance of your workflows to ensure optimum usage and experience.

Why do companies choose Whatfix?

  • Contextual & Personalised In-app Engagement
  • On-Demand Learning
  • Omnichannel Presence
  • Quickest Time-to-Value
  • Secure and Reliable – SO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, and GDPR compliant.

Deploying Whatfix results in…

  • 37% Increase in user productivity
  • 60% Reduction in support queries
  • 85% Reduction in training costs
  • 3x Faster time to proficiency for new employees

The Whatfix Experience

  1. In-App Guidance – Create interactive, step-by-step tooltips that guide your users across applications
  2. Learn by Doing – Enable real-time learning, in the flow of work
  3. Self-Service – Provide in-app contextual Help to users in the moment of need
  4. Data-Driven Adoption – Understand your users’ behavior to continuously optimise the experience and improve adoption
  5. Personalised Onboarding – Introduce your users to the application with a tour of all key features
  6. Manage Change – Highlight new features or changes to improve awareness and usage

Customer testimonial

“Since we’ve implemented Whatfix’s digital adoption platform, we’ve been able to empower our workforce to get the right training they need at the right time. Using a digital adoption platform has given us the ability to customize our CRM systems, ultimately increasing sales productivity, adoption, and provide seamless onboarding and training for our employees across different roles.”

Lee Glenn – Senior specialist, Global CRM Training at Experian