David Wood, Founder of Jam Pan is Nominated for Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year

David Wood, Founder of Jam Pan is Nominated for Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year

The Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2019 shortlist is out – and our very own David Wood features on it! In fact, Barclays (our bank) were behind the nomination, putting David forward for ‘Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year’.
Now, David is not a huge fan of the spotlight and will likely be a little bit embarrassed about us shouting about this. But here at Jam Pan, we believe in celebrating every win – especially one as exciting as this. This award is dedicated to entrepreneurs who’ve experienced rapid growth. And made a positive change to their industries, the economy and society in unique, positive ways. Which is something we certainly do here at Jam Pan.
In fact, David’s unique perspective on the L&D industry is the reason Jam Pan was born…

When David Wood founded Jam Pan in 2014…

He knew there had to be a better way to attract the right talent to collaborate with on digital learning projects. He’d been in the industry a while, and knew the struggles organisations were facing to find the right people for the job. And so Jam Pan was born, to help organisations strike the balance when resourcing eLearning project. And ensuring they can utilise the internal and external talent marketplace.
Since then we’ve grown a global freelancer base of over 1,000 to support some of the worlds biggest brands (Dixons Carphone and Google, to name just two!) These contracts range from a few days of developer support, to large-scale digital learning projects. While ensuring organisations are saving time and money, and deliver real impact to their learners and business.
The passion felt throughout the Jam Pan team comes directly from this passion David had back in 2014. We are now a team of passionate people. Who are focused on driving innovation in our industry, tapping into the gig economy and help clients and suppliers do great work together.
So, if you’re reading this David… Congratulations again from the whole Jam Pan team on the nomination and apologies for getting a little sentimental. But we are delighted to see this recognition of the hard work and effort that you’ve put in to make that rapid growth happen!

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