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How do you become a supplier?

We are our talent – and they are an extension of our brand. That’s why not everyone can become a Jam Pan supplier. To ensure the highest quality output and standards for all our clients, we thoroughly vet every single freelancer.

Whilst this is not a lengthy process, we do expect you to prove your capabilities and build a relationship with our team before we’ll introduce you to our clients. This means the best gigs for you, and the best results for our clients.


No, we don't have a jobs board. At Jam Pan we take a personal, consultative approach to matching talent with projects. We consider a wide range of talent solutions (both internal and external) to make sure the supplier is perfectly suited for the client's project.
Although we know many L&D specialists freelance in their spare time, most of our clients require full-time days during the working week. So contracts that fit into your side hustle are rare at Jam Pan - but if you decide to make the plunge to freelancing full time, get in touch!
Freelancers and agencies are directly contracted by Jam Pan. That means we're your client, and we're responsible for signing off your work and paying you. Saving you the headache of client management (you're welcome!)

How do you get new gigs? 

If you are interested in freelancing with Jam Pan (or what we call becoming a supplier), we ask that you first create a profile on our portal. Once you have created and completed your profile, we’ll ask you to complete a super short video interview, as well as have a quick conversation with our team to determine what you’re looking for, how we can help and even how we can provide you with opportunities to upskill too.

Once you’re in our system, we’ll be back in touch when a project arises that meets your skill set. If it’s a match for you too, then we’d get a Statement of Work together and kick off the project. It’s that simple.

Continuous support

We know it’s hard to find the time to upskill and develop new skills as an L&D professional. But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. When you’re a Jam Pan supplier, we provide you with resources and community access to help you evolve your skills, network and deliver valuable development opportunities for you and your business.

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