Freelancers, meet Evolve Authoring: an exclusive offer for Jam Pan suppliers

Freelancers, meet Evolve Authoring: an exclusive offer for Jam Pan suppliers

The demand for skilled Evolve freelancers is higher than ever here at Jam Pan, however we understand that you need to choose carefully when investing time and money in new tools. 
That’s why we’ve made that process easier for you by offering Jam Pan freelancers a great discount on this powerful content creation tool.

What can Evolve do?

Evolve provides a straightforward and effective means of creating stylish, responsive HTML5 eLearning content. It’s super flexible, easy to learn and fast.

Whether you’re creating content for on-boarding, sales, Health & Safety or compliance Evolve has got you covered.

Key benefits of Evolve:

      • Publish to SCORM, xAPi, Web, Offline & direct publish to Bloom and Exceed LMS.
      • Over 30 interactions; branching scenarios, interactive video, powerful theming, animations: it’s an ideal way to make e-learning look and feel like an interactive web page.
      • Regular releases and new features.
      • Rapid versioning, course reviewers and translation tools included.
      • The content works on any platform or device ‘out of the box’
      • Flexible question types to choose from.
      • Easy video content display.
      • Complete brand control: including control of background images, fonts, animations, custom icons and more
      • Support available inside Evolve and an active community.
      • Published content works with over 40 LMS.’s
      • Team working features include messaging, reviews and tagging.
      • Available online, instantly: no downloads, no install process.

Head over to for more information.

So, what’s the deal?

In partnership with Jam Pan, Evolve will give registered Jam Pan freelancers access to the tool for just £5 per month (normally £30) and free training!

Evolve Training 

Free access for all Jam Pan suppliers to three webinars conducted by Evolve’s own in-house specialists:

      • getting started
      • extensions in Evolve
      • course theming and branding

Interested in taking up this offer?

Email us at

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