Get to Know Our Learning Experience & Technology Solutions Team

Get to Know Our Learning Experience & Technology Solutions Team

Our amazing internal technology services team have years of experience working with LXP and LMSs and work hand-in-hand with our Client Solutions team to deliver large-scale transformation projects for some of the biggest businesses across the globe.   

From LMSs and LXPs to content platforms, they’ll use their expertise to help you assess your needs and the market to make the right technology investments using the following solutions: 


DesksOutsourced solutions for your learning platforms (admin and design) and content curation.

Implementation – Certified implementation partners for Cornerstone, OnDemand, Edcast & Degreed.  

Technical Services – SSO, Data analysis and migration​. 

APIs – Seamlessly connecting your technology ecosystem​. 

Digital Experience – Optimising your learning platform for improved learner experience​. 

Curation First – Driving deeper value from your content investments​. 

Optimisation – Getting more from your learning technologies​. 

CMS/LMS for SME – Our own in-house CMS/LMS solution is available for your organisation, specifically designed for SMEs and if new into digital learning 

Consultancy and Advisory – Guiding and providing best practice in L&D strategy​. 


Now you know what we do, find out a little more about the people who make it all happen.   


Tom Pape – Head of Learner Experience & Technology 

Tom joined the Jam Pan team in 2022, working in digital learning strategy for over 15 years, and collaborates closely with clients to support with digital learning consultancy for successful engagement and impact across their business.  


Louise Richardson – Technology Consultant  

Louise has worked as a Cornerstone partner since 2017 merged with Jam Pan in 2022 as a technology consultant. She’s a certified Cornerstone expert with specialised knowledge in manufacturing and widespread transformation/change management.  


Gemma Rupniak – Technology Operations Manager 

Gemma has been working with Jam Pan since 2020 and has specialised knowledge in hospitality and travel industries. She leads her global team to support our clients’ LMS and LXP platforms.  


Hazel Tetchner – Digital Learning Services Specialist 

Hazel joined Jam Pan in 2021 to co-ordinate the helpdesks and support clients to embed learning platforms into their businesses. She has a Cornerstone client background and specialised knowledge in manufacturing companies.  


Amii Buckland – Digital Learning Services Administrator 

Amii joined the team in 2022 to support our Learning Experience and Tech team. She works across the Degree, 360 Learning and Cornerstone platforms to meet our client’s needs. 


Andrea Mejia AmezquitaDigital Learning Curator 

Andrea has been a Digital Learning Curator at Jam Pan since 2022. She has specialised knowledge in curation and researches and curates learning plans and pathways for our clients.  


Patrick Edwards – Learning Technology Specialist 

Patrick is our Cornerstone certified Learning Technology Specialist who joined the team in 2023. With extensive knowledge of technology platforms and technical integrations, Patrick helps our clients get the most out of their LMS or LXP. 


Sally – Application Support Lead Apprentice  

Sally is our Application Support Lead Apprentice with a background in website design, television production and IT support. She’s the person you need for any design or IT support.  


Ruby Boylan – Application Support Lead Apprentice   

Ruby is another one of our apprentices at Jam Pan. She supports the team with CRM, finance, procedure activities and more, while working towards a qualification.   


Find out more about the LXT team and how we can make your learning aspirations a reality here. Or, why not get in touch with us to have a chat?  We’d love to help!  

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